Ticking nerves: ticking sex. Techniques and techniques of delicate games.

Ticking nerves: ticking sex.

Ticking nerves: ticking sex. Techniques and techniques of delicate games.

Human fantasy is extremely rich – real gourmets of sex always have something to have fun. In traditional options for intimate games we turn on piquant ideas and get something new and interesting. Tilecling – the concept is long familiar, but not all tested. Many of us are afraid of tickling, while others get a frantic pleasure from her and even a real orgasm. Let’s try?

What is ticking

Ticking (from the English word «Tickle» – tickle) – this is excitement and sexual pleasure from tickling. Why are some of us these caresses are so pleasant? Sexopathologists say that such sensations come from childhood. Parents tickle their baby, expecting to see his radiant smile – familiar situation, true? After such manipulations, someone begins to be afraid of tickling, and someone, on the contrary, associates it with intimacy and considers it the best option for a manifestation of love.

According to statistics, they are fond of tikling more than men. Among the ICKIS movements surveyed by portals, 89% tickling lovers are representatives of the stronger sex, 11% are women, all aged 20 to 35 years. 45% of the respondents (they are called thickeainers), 14% (ticli) are passively engaged in actual tikling admirers of Tikling. The remaining 30% are universal, love to tickle the nerves for someone, and enjoy the tickling (sweaters) themselves.

Tilecling – a phenomenon known since ancient times. It was even believed that it is good for health, as it brings positive emotions, which means it increases the endurance of the body and its ability to resist diseases. Tikling of years appeared in the 60s, while in the world they officially announced it only in 2001. It was then that the first site appeared, entirely dedicated to tickling. For today, the virtual communities of such a plan are a great many.

Ticking nerves: ticking sex. Techniques and techniques of delicate games.

Main techniques and techniques of tikling

Tiklers pay the most attention to the feet, sides and armpits. However, they do not forget about the back, chest, the inside of the hips, buttocks, hands. There is a completely established classification «tickling» Lask:

♦ Pressure – they also call such a technique «Puck», This is a pressure with different force on the sensitive point to tickling. It is important to carry out all the manipulations gently, without delivering pain to the partner (although it is better to ask about this from the partner himself, he suddenly likes aggressive sex);

♦ Impatience – The same poke, only the technique of execution is slightly different: the tickler with the fingers of the hand touches the skin of Tiklo, the movements are fast and non -stop;

♦ Scratching – Especially pleasant «scrapers» Then, when a partner has long nails, however, for such caresses you can adapt an intimate toys and even any improvised means, so manicure – Not a prerequisite at all;

♦ Chariot – Pressing the-tanning caresses of not only individual sections, but the whole body.

Experienced ticklers give some more tips on how to engage in delicate games with their half. First, do not try to caress yourself – There will be little pleasure from this. Our body is so arranged that we perceive tickling as an exciting factor only from an outsider. Second point: ticking does not like haste.

If you actively caress the most sensitive zones (for example, toes, chest, armpits), then interest in the game will quickly disappear, and the sensitivity will decrease by an order of magnitude. The partner is tired of tickling? It is worth changing the pose and starting to caress other areas.

What can be used in tiling?

The most popular attributes, of course, are feathers and fur tails. Handcuffs that stimulate, stimulate the wrists are exciting on partners. It is worthwhile to start a whip with feathers. Some successfully tickle each other with vibrators, others prefer practical multifunctional things, such as feathers. As an option, you can adapt ordinary combs for intimate entertainment, brushes for cosmetics, beads, silk belt, plant stalks (if the event is planned in nature).

Tilecling – Entertainment, of course, is not for the faint of heart, but it will be interesting to include it in your sex marathon. For beginners, delicate caresses are suitable with feathers, for more experienced couples – tickling in a related state with BDSM elements. More fantasy and sex will become even more pleasant!

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