Types of sex without penetration

Types of sex without penetration.

Sex without penetration is such ways to achieve sexual satisfaction that do without traditional sexual intercourse – that is, without the introduction of a penis into a vagina. Some attribute oral and vaginal sex to such types of sex, others – no.

After all, in addition to these options, there are many other ways to indulge in physical love that can give no less pleasure.

In addition, there is an opinion that most women are able to experience only a clitoral orgasm that is unattainable during ordinary sexual intercourse, since it does not use the clitoris.

So for women, many types of sex, which does not include the introduction of the penis into the vagina, of course, really like. But no less people like them, especially when they agree to try them.

In addition to a sense of novelty, which will help to diversify the sex life of a couple, sex without penetration protects against the risk of infecting something from an unfamiliar partner and is an excellent, albeit unexpected, way of contraception.

Therefore, such types of sex are especially relevant for adolescents, when hormones go off scale, and the choice of a sexual partner is not always thought out.

Among adolescents is very common petting – mutual caresses of erogenous zones, not only (and not necessarily) genitals. This can be done in any secluded corner, without undressing, not only lying, but also sitting, and standing.

Sometimes they ask me the question “What is called sex without penetration” and I answer that Petering. In general, this is not entirely true, because there is no other name for such a lesson, it is a completely separate activity.

However, sexual intercourse in which a member does not penetrate the vagina, this is petting, although there are other ways. Let’s talk about them.

Types of sex without penetration with lips and tongue

Sex without penetration usually call methods of achieving an orgasm not related to the penetration of a penis into the vagina.

At the same time, penetration into the mouth is usually not taken into account and therefore oral sex is very popular in steam not ready for standard sexual intercourse.

It is very important to understand the reasons to understand how oral caresses are suitable in this particular case.

If we are talking about the unwillingness of the girl to lose virginity or to get pregnant about the risks, then cunnilingus and blowjob can become a real salvation.

It is very easy to achieve the peak of pleasure in this way, but the above risks are absent completely. That is, here sex without penetration is an excellent way out of the situation.

A completely different thing if the rejection of classical sexual intercourse is caused by the danger of the transfer of STDs and other viruses.

For example, you are not at all familiar with your partner and cannot be sure of his cleanliness. Unfortunately, in this case, oral caresses are a very bad choice, since most diseases are easily transmitted through the mouth. Here, let’s say, read about what you can get infected with cunnilingus.

Types of sex without penetration with fingers and hands

But you should not despair as always, because you can solve the problem not only by refusing to penetrate, but also without using your mouth, lips and tongue.

Hands and fingers will come to the rescue, which will help stimulate erogenous zones, which will ultimately lead, if not to orgasm, then at least a very pleasant sensation.

Naturally the most famous option is mutual masturbation. Well, or masturbation of one partner to another.

The guy with his fingers can stimulate the girl’s clitoris, her breasts and other parts of the body, the touch of which excites her. She can masturbate to a guy, it is very easy to do.


Massage is less effective, but very pleasant pastime. In a situation where you want caresses, but classic sex is not available, you can do with gentle touches to the skin and hair.

Many men can finish from the fact that the girl is pushing her fingers in her hair. For example, I leave the hairdresser a little satisfied from the hairdresser.


The third method is not entirely connected with the hands and fingers, but it should be attributed to the same category. Imitation of sexual intercourse using genital friction through clothes or without it about partner’s body.

A guy can make frictions between the breasts / buttocks of a girl or movement similar to sex, but without penetration. For example about ass or even leg. Options are not very popular, but there are a place to be.

Futjob is one of these methods. The girl masturbates a partner’s member or a man himself makes frictions between her feet.

Chinese prostitutes serving sailors used their armpits for this. So the field for creativity is huge, come up with health.

Types of sex without penetration with sex toys

There is, of course, the most technological output from this situation. To exclude any penetration, any risks and perversions, it is enough to spend a couple of thousand rubles and buy a clitoral stimulator.

The essence of this toy is a vacuum-wave effect on the clitoris, which inevitably leads to squirt.

At the same time, there is no penetration and cannot be, all the stimulation goes outside to the clitoris head. This method of achieving orgasm can be used not only with a sexual partner, but also in proud loneliness.

According to couples, which, for various reasons, practiced types of sex without penetration, the most popular ways were chosen by masturbation by a man’s hands and stimulation of a woman’s clitoris using a man’s language or clitoral vibrator.

What are your goals, you can always find a way to achieve pleasure. The main thing is that there is a desire and a partner who is ready to help in any situation. Although, as shows, even if there is no partner, high -tech toys come to the rescue that can replace a person at least physically.

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