Want to arrange sex on the beach? Study the basics

Want to arrange sex on the beach? Study the basics.

Want to arrange sex on the beach? Study the basics

Sea resorts are whispering that the time has come for hot summer sex. Who needs boring bed in bed? Time to forget about decency and arrange juicy sex on the beach, but first prepare and master the basic rules.

Want to arrange sex on the beach? Study the basics

Respect other people’s laws and customs

In some countries, in particular the eastern ones, for excessively felled bodies, and even more sex, pairs can threaten a fine, trial and deportation. .

Fear the tropics

Countries like Thailand and Vietnam are rich in many dangerous creatures. If you do not want beetles, spiders, snakes, worms and other fauna of the tropics to be interested in your holes – Use «standing» poses.

A large soft towel – your friend

This feature is more likely for a man, because it is he who has to be from below this time, especially when it comes to pebble beach. For the beach pose is a girl from above – The most thing, firstly, insidious sand and bugs will not fall into the most intimate places, and secondly, the girl acts like a guard tower, notifying the approaching strangers in time. And thirdly, such a pose can look quite innocent and will quickly change the position in case of anxiety.
! The pose is a guy on top of the top if you captured a dense large litter or found shops, stands, boulders for sex.

Sand – Your enemy

Except for obvious «unforgettable sensations» from the entry of sand to the genitals of partners, there is also a danger of infection. According to studies, 91% of the beaches of the world officially registered, teeming with enterococci that cause meningitis and endocarditis.

Start on land, continue in water

As soon as the girl falls into salty water, her natural lubrication is washed. The only way out – introduce a member outside the reservoir or above the water, and then plunge into the abyss or use Silicone grease. Moreover, underwater sex is not recommended in the river and even more non -flowing reservoirs, like a quarry – there are full bacteria that can harm the partner.
! Do not use a condom in water – He can slip and then the poor girl will have to get him out of the vagina.

Rubber for the beach

Mattress – An ideal addition to a towel on the sand, and an inflatable circle will become your raft of love – options for its use, both on sand and on the water, a great many.

Sex day on a crowded beach

  • A pair of umbrellas and sunbed: put a sunbed close to the shore – Few of the swimmers are interested in what is happening outside the water;install on the umbrella on each side of the sunbed and ready!
  • Swim to buoy – Great option, if there is no strength to endure at all, and around is full of people. You just go to a buoy, which is usually fenced with ropes with foam balls and use these ropes for a variety of poses.
  • Under the shadow of Pareo: digging into the sand is not necessary if the girl has a pareo. The guy falls on his back, and the girl in Pareo sits on top, her back to him. The guy only remains that supposedly do back massage.

! If your couple was on the list of lucky ones and found a deserted beach, do not forget to smear with cream from tanned places previously covered with a swimsuit, otherwise the sun will bring not only hot sex, but also burns.

And finally, do not forget about the usual accessories of romance: a bottle of low-alcohol drink, chocolate and something warm to cover a frozen partner.

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