What is a tea bag in sex

What is a tea bag in sex.

A tea bag in sex is a type of oral caress in which the scrotum is placed in the mouth of the host partner. Most often used as a form of humiliation.

In one of the episodes of the famous series called Sex and the Bolshoi City, Samantha Jones is trying to explain to his friends, which means the practice of damping a tea bag. At the same time, the cafe is full of people. They accurately learned about this way to get sexual pleasure, now our turn. What is a tea bag in sex, how to perform this practice and what is its meaning?

What is a tea bag in sex

Practice of a tea bag is a kind of oral sex, when a man appears an active partner, and both a woman and a man can be passive.

The essence of the action is the placement of the testicles in the mouth of the partner. Further, what is happening can be divided into two scenarios.

In the first, the receiving party performs active movements with the mouth and tongue in order to deliver a pleasant sensation.

In the second, it is the owner of the testicle that leads the process by pulling out and placing back his causals. In some formations, poses 69 use of the technique of tea bag is also permissible.

 Pose for the implementation of practice tea bag in sex

The easiest option would be to place an acceptor partner on the bed, on the back. The man is located above the partner’s face on his knees, so that the testicles are right above her mouth. After that, immersion/damping occurs.

The situation when a girl stands in front of a man on her knees and makes a blowjob, can smoothly go into a dump of tea bag.

It is enough for her to lower her head a little lower and grab her partner testicles with her lips. A man at this time can masturbate.

Ultimately, a man can lie on his back, and his partner is on his knees between his legs. In this situation, it is convenient to make a blowjob, and if a man lifts his legs slightly, then a practice of a tea bag in sex becomes available.

Praise measures in the practice of dripping a tea bag

Scrotum is one of the most sensitive parts of the male body. At the same time, it is rather fragile.

Rough and sharp movements are completely unsuitable for stimulation, it is worth avoiding touches with teeth. Tea bag in sex is a practice in which tenderness is especially important.

A combination of a tea bag with other practices

As a rule, this practice is most often combined with a blowjob. The girl alternates the stimulation of the penis with the stimulation of the scrotum.

Sometimes it makes sense to have a finger to influence the Partner prostate. However, before performing such a manipulation, be sure to discuss this with your man.

In the pose, when the girl lies on her back, and the man performs an action similar to the dump of a tea bag, being over her face, the girl can use sex toys to stimulate the clitoris and thus achieve orgasm in parallel with attempts to deliver it to a man.

It is important that the receiving party does not use hands. To do this, you can use handcuffs for sex that will allow you to fix the brushes behind your back. The upper partner performs.

Special preparation for the dumping of a tea bag is not required. Sufficiently elementary hygiene of both partners and, if necessary, manipulations to remove hair from the scrotum, if the receiving side is important.

The form of humiliation of a man

There is an opinion that among men in certain circles a tea bag is popular as a way to humiliate a partner.

We hope that these are only fantasies and nothing of the kind happened in real life, because any sexual practice should always be performed by mutual agreement and without the use of any violence.

In same -sex pairs, a tea bag in sex comes to the rescue during oral caresses, when an active partner cannot finish.

Then passive helps acting on the scrotum while he masturbates. As you can see, there really are a lot of ways to use this practice and she has enough fans. People like it and it’s fine.

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