What is PMS in girls, decryption, symptoms, how to distinguish from pregnancy, what to do to a guy. Sex during PMS.

What is PMS in girls, decryption, symptoms, how to distinguish from pregnancy, what to do to a guy. Sex during PMS..

What is PMS in girls, decryption, symptoms, how to distinguish from pregnancy, what to do to a guy. Sex during PMS.

The whole life of young girls and women is divided into certain cycles that are regulated by the body and hormonal restructuring. The mood, physical and mental state, reactions to the outside world depends on them, and, of course, the desire to have sex. It is no secret for men that during menstruation a woman feels bad and better not to disturb her. But not everyone knows why, a few days before the onset of menstruation, girls become inflated and aggressive, negatively react to caresses in bed, which two days ago brought to orgasm.

Meet, dear, your chosen one PMS! What is PMS in girls, What to do to a guy and how to communicate with her, find out in this article. And we will definitely solve the question of why sex during PMS is also slightly different. Believe me, 90% of the female population aged from the beginning of menstruation and to their completion, that is, in the childbearing period, suffer from a similar reaction. These are not the vagaries of your lady and not bad character, but simply physiology! Interestingly, the term itself and a description of the symptoms of the premenstrual syndrome occurred in official medicine not so long ago. Meanwhile, the novelty of the concept did not prevent him from formed him with several popular myths. Is it really impossible for a woman to have sex, and what other absenteeisms about PMS go around the world, we will find out today.

What is PMS in girls, decryption, symptoms, how to distinguish from pregnancy, what to do to a guy. Sex during PMS.

What is PMS in girls, decryption

PMS is a premenstrual syndrome, reflected in an increased emotional background a few days before critical days and even a negative physiological reaction. This is due to hormonal restructuring in the body, which is prepared for the release of an unfertilized egg. In addition to the tearfulness, resentment, aggressiveness and insomnia, you can observe your passion acne, acne, chest pain, stomach, head, lower back, increased appetite even in women watching nutrition. Many ladies lean on sweets or mix products completely incompatible. Someone slides into a depressive state. In general, the face has a whole complex of neuropsychic, metabolic, endocrine and vegetative-vascular reactions, which normally go on the first day of menstruation.

Girl during the PMS, what happens to her

Since before menstruation, certain hormones in the body accumulate in excess, their effect on the nervous system changes the psychological reactions of their owners. Their vivid manifestation is observed 1-2 days before menstruation. In gynecology, PMS is considered a syndrome in which not only hormones (estrogen, progesterone) change, but the balance of trace elements is noticeably disturbed.

That is why most women experience unpleasant conditions that intensify in the presence of any concomitant diseases.

  • The nervous system reacts with tearfulness, aggressiveness, touchiness, nervousness, excitability, or, conversely, depressed state, indignation. If the lady is not so distinguished by restraint and a good disposition, this is all thrustly intensifying. Too susceptible personalities fall into depression, despair, panic attacks are possible.
  • The endocrine system can give symptoms such as sweating, the ebbs of heat, flatulence, increased fatigue, shortness of breath, irritable intestines, painful swelling of the mammary glands, increased thirst.
  • The vegetative-vascular reacts with high or reduced pressure, a sensation of cold arms/legs, heartbeat, lump in the throat, headaches, lower back pain.

The psychosomatics of a woman have a great influence on the general condition. There is an opinion that the ladies of intellectual labor suffer from PMS more often, since the imbalance of estrogen and progesterone is very affected by cognitive functions and the mental process. In some women prone to androgens, their level increases even more, which leads to the failure of self -control, since the parts of the brain are already “killed” by the rest of the hormonal cocktail.

What is PMS in girls, decryption, symptoms, how to distinguish from pregnancy, what to do to a guy. Sex during PMS.

If the body does not have enough hormones of joy (serotonin, endorphins), the virgin is very tight: 2 phase of the cycle, starting from 14-16 days, passes very violently, and the listed signs of the PMS are repeatedly intensified. Hypersensitivity to all influences of the outside world leads to irritability and unmotivated aggressiveness. In such a period, it is impossible to communicate with a woman without quarrels and claims – she will definitely find what to be offended and what to blame for.

Which affects the increase in PMS symptoms

When the egg remained unfertilized, its decay begins under the influence of the increased level of estrogen and a reduced progesterone. Strengthen hormonal jumps and appropriate PMS symptoms can:

  • preceding abortions and complicated births;
  • other surgical interventions, including the female part;
  • gynecological problems, inflammation;
  • traumatic brain injuries;
  • spine injuries;
  • nervous overstrain and emotional exhaustion;
  • increased physical fatigue;
  • poor nutrition, disorders of food behavior;
  • heavy mental work;
  • obesity.

In such cases, very often there is an atypical form of PMS, in which women suffer from the strongest acne, acne, allergic reactions, stagnation of fluids, nausea and vomiting, severe abdominal pain and a sense of bursting, drowsiness or insomnia, increasing body temperature, tachycardia attacks and tachycardia and tachycardia attacks andarrhythmias, exacerbations of cystitis, urethritis and other problems with the genitourinary sphere.

When it begins and how long does the PMS last in women

In all women, PMS manifests itself at different ages, under the influence of various factors. According to doctors, young girls aged 15-25 years are less affected by hormonal perestroika and transfer the PMS in an easier form. Most often, manifestations more affect the sphere of physical sensations and external changes (acne, loading of the mammary glands, bloating, set of 1-2 kg, lower back pain, increase in appetite, etc.D.).

Women from 25 to 40 years old, who gave birth to abortions and gynecological operations behind them, often combining work and family, suffer from PMS more often in about 50% of cases. Moreover, the form is more pronounced, affecting not only the endocrine sphere, but also the neuropsychic. In order to prevent the aggravation of the situation, ladies suffering from nervous disorders a few days before menstruation, it is better to consult a doctor for medicinal help. Such conditions are perfectly adjusted by drugs.

Women in the menopause are most prone to PMS. Changing mood, aggressiveness, poor health and many other symptoms noticeably poison the life of the lady herself and people in contact with her. Of course, this is not the case for everyone, but in a sufficiently large number of women aged 45+.

As a rule, the PMS begins in the second phase of the cycle, after ovulation, if fertilization did not occur. With light forms, the syndrome lasts 2-3 days, with medium-sized syndrome-no more than 5-6 days, in complex atypical cases-the entire second phase before the start of menstruation.

What is PMS in girls, decryption, symptoms, how to distinguish from pregnancy, what to do to a guy. Sex during PMS.

Stages of development of PMS

Conditionally, you can divide the PMS into several stages of development:

  • compensated – for years the symptoms do not deteriorate, and sometimes completely disappears after childbirth, comes closer to the end of the second stage of the cycle and everything goes away with the arrival of menstruation;
  • subcompensated – the severity with age is growing, the symptoms intensify, relief with menstruation does not always come;
  • decompensated – manifestations of PMS symptoms lasts during critical days and even after their end (a woman suffers almost the entire cycle).

Why and why the girl has PMS

With a normal menstrual cycle of PMS, it is almost impossible to avoid, since against the background of a decrease in progesterone with its analgesic effect and an increase in estrogen in the second phase begins the delay of liquids and sodium salts in the intercellular space. This leads to intoxication of the body, which, accordingly, cannot but affect the physical and mental state of the girl. Just the intensity of the manifestation of symptoms in everyone is different.

Premenstrual stress syndrome is jokingly called a perverted method of the body to send everyone away and relax. Psychologists believe that the female cycle is important to accept for themselves as an opportunity to regulate life. And on the most difficult days you need to regret yourself, in the days of the first phase, after menstruation and during ovulation, you can conduct the most active activity. The female body was created for the birth of children, because all its mechanisms are sharpened precisely for this process. In modern life, this is impossible, since the girls took an almost male position in society, but the body did not change in any way, so they will have to learn to set up their biorhythms to other waves in a new course of reality.

It is important to learn how to relax mentally in the days preceding the monthly, and afford some weaknesses. Do not negatively relate to monthly bleeding (which almost all the ladies sin), because the rejection of its physiology leads to the exacerbation of the PMS and other negative symptom complexes of our body.

Why does the breasts hurt at the PMS

Breasts before menstruation hurts due to an increase in edema occurring against the background of a violation of the water-salt balance under the influence of hormones. It occurs in all tissues, including in the mammary glands. If the chest hurts and swells until critical days, with the onset of which the discomfort leaves, this is not a pathology, but the norm. Preservation of pain during them and after talking about diseases of the mammary gland, therefore it is worth consulting a doctor.

PMS with a girl, what to do to a guy

If you already understand what about what is about your chosen one a PMS begins, it is better to behave with little caution with unwillingness to conflict. You can have a calendar for yourself, where you celebrate days of special nervous excitability and turning a beautiful fairy into an evil witch.

Do not provoke conflicts yourself: do not start serious things with her if you know in advance that she reacts negatively to them. At the time of the PMS, the reaction will be in tenfold hypertrophied. Better show care of her mood and condition, buy a yummy. You can ask in advance what she wants? Generally great! This is just in case so that your cake does not fly back to you.

Do not tell her openly that her nervousness and aggressiveness is associated with PMS. Women, oddly enough, are often offended by an indication of this fact. Either the people have been ridiculed for this state for too long, or in such words of a man there is a certain neglect of ladies’ well -being, but a negative reaction will overtake you as a heavenly punishment. So we do not feel fate.

Set aside the surprises until better times. When everything hurts her, and her mood is lousy, your gifts or unexpected news about the upcoming trip with a mother on a rest house for the whole weekend can wake up a Yellowstone volcano. Your baby is explosive now. Let’s do without a sharp change in scenery.

Do not answer provocative questions honestly, even if you are ready to give your head for the truth. You will be accused of all mortal sins or simply put the brain with whining. Her jeans do not fulfill her, the blouse sits perfectly, the bust is the most beautiful, earrings are the most fashionable, and in general it looks best with this hairstyle! Borsch surpassed all expectations, cutlets are divine. All. Without options.

Do not call guests to the house without her permission. She feels bad, and extra social contacts only annoy. Not all, but many. Better devote time to her: help the household, talk to their hearts, do massage, etc.D.

In no case do not bother with your pmsnitsa if she eats a huge piece of sausage, while sitting on a diet and promoting the PP. During this period, the appetite gives out pearls, up to extremes: from bulimia to anorexia. Let it chew, everything that wants, and you pretend that you do not notice its gluttony.

When she begins to start a scandal out of the blue, do not contact, do not respond to provocations and do not take what has been said to your account at all. She really doesn’t think so – it’s all hormones. Nod and retire.

To make it easier to understand what is happening to the girl during the PMS, and how to communicate with her at that moment, imagine that everything hurts you, or you are lying after the operation. What would you like? What behavior would be expected from their companion? Probably compassion and condescension ..

If the emotional flurry covered her with his head, just hug and kiss her. This very often helps to remove the intensity of passions, and the girl comes to her senses. Tell her about your feelings for her – it is like an anesthetic balm for many women.

What is PMS in girls, decryption, symptoms, how to distinguish from pregnancy, what to do to a guy. Sex during PMS.

PMS and pregnancy, differences in symptoms

It is difficult to distinguish the symptoms of the PMS from signs of the beginning of the emergence of a new life, especially to the delay and a little later it, especially if there is a long and irregular cycle. Sometimes an unexpected delay can be associated with impaired ovarian functions, a sharp change in the climatic zone, a temporary belt, with strong stress, etc.D.

Changing taste preferences, pain in the lower abdomen, nausea, weakness, pulling sensations in the lower back and other signs can be in both situations. And yet, some subtleties that are difficult to notice inexperienced exist.

  • During pregnancy, the girl is drawn to completely new products, perhaps those that she could not stand before.
  • There is no stable aversion to food to eating bouts with PMS – this is a clear symptom of pregnancy (or poisoning).
  • During pregnancy, the chest swells stronger, the nipples change the color to a darker. It is possible to release light fluid when pressed.
  • A sign of increased fatigue can be with PMS and due to the conception, but in the second case, fatigue acquires simply catastrophic proportions. You can sleep for a day, and from the usual preparation of breakfast to fall off your feet, as if you had done a general cleaning.
  • The pain in the lower abdomen and ovary are also different. In the future mother, they are less intense, are periodic, most often on one side – where the baby was fixed.
  • The change of mood and in general emotions also has differences: in a pregnant woman they go a positive way, with PMS – in a negative.
  • Dizziness in an interesting position becomes more intrusive and regular in connection with the increased volume of blood.
  • Another sign of future motherhood will be frequent urination. The kidneys are tuned to the output of decay elements in an enhanced mode.
  • In the afternoon, a subphibrate can sometimes be observed if you are in a position.
  • Implantation may be accompanied by light bloody discharge.
  • Only during pregnancy can a metal taste in the mouth be observed.

Of course, a pregnancy test will show the true picture of what is happening in the body. Highly sensitive reagents are susceptible even to small doses of hCG in the urine, therefore, pale stripes are shown a few days before the delay! The remaining differences of the PMS from pregnancy are able to catch only very careful and already experienced women.

With PMS, a blood test for hCG can show up to 5 honey/ml, therefore we hand over it in dynamics to accurately make sure that there is a pregnancy!

Your girlfriend has PMS and all related symptoms? You do not know how to approach it, because in the attacks of rage the last cup in the house is broken? And I want sex in the morning! Dear men, we offer cool masturbators with imitation of any kind of sex! Let the girlfriend sleep and come to his senses, buy her chocolate. But her PMS is not a reason to deprive yourself of male pleasure! Come in, guys, and finally relax from your passions.

Sex during PMS, is it possible to make love these days

Is it possible to have sex during PMS? Why not!? Doctors recommend that when exacerbated symptoms are treated with this free and affordable method! Sex is one of the best antidepressants that aligns the hormonal background, relieves pain and improves mood.

By the way, many women in this period of libido remains as active as in ovulation. Girls become active, show a leadership position, insist on intimacy. Only the sensitivity of the breast can interfere, which becomes a source of unpleasant sensations. It is worth warning a partner about this and exclude caresses that repel.

What is PMS in girls, decryption, symptoms, how to distinguish from pregnancy, what to do to a guy. Sex during PMS.

By the way, male rejection of sexual contact is perceived especially sharply and painfully during this period. You will be ruled by a grandiose scandal and accused of treason, conspiracy and betrayal, so it is better to fulfill your “duty”.

Pain in the lower abdomen and lower back also do not add passions to sexual intercourse, but this is regulated by the depth of penetration – take poses in which the male member is not up to the stop. Ideally, try out all the options for the pose “rider”, where the lady herself will adjust many parameters.

It is possible that in women with a strongly expressed PMS libido will be at zero mark. Men are offended and do not seriously accept female explanations about pain and bad mood, but in vain. It seems to the girls that in such a period a partner intentionally offends her with a similar attitude. Understand, dear men, your friends are dependent on your body and processes in it just like you. No one reproaches you in the night and morning erection and the corresponding behavior amid this! Show tenderness, understanding, affection, and, it is likely that a girl wants sex. Do not consider PMS a myth or an explanation of female emotionality and illogicality invented by an explanation.

In general, the chosen one may well suddenly reject her beloved or commit another inexplicable act. He should not react sharply to this, it is better to treat his beloved with warmth and care – regardless of her behavior. At the same time, female sensuality increases these days, which can positively affect the quality of sexual intimacy. After sex, a woman will get rid of negative emotions, calm down and become more balanced. Maneuver on circumstances, because symptoms and its manifestations may vary from the cycle to the cycle.

How to fight for girls with PMS: drugs, doctors, diet

How can a girl fight with the worst enemy called “PMS”, preserving the mental balance and sexuality? Not only researchers tried to answer this question. PMS is not a disease, but its symptoms affecting the mood of a woman negatively affect the attitude of those around her.

It is not possible to find any one single and pointily active remedy for PMS today-no one invented a magic pill. And besides, creating a cure for a disease, which, apparently, does not exist, simply impossible. The only thing doctors can prescribe to women who are discomfort from the premenstrual syndrome is minor antidepressants and vitamins of group B. Without medical prescriptions, using such drugs is undesirable. Doctors also recommend massage in combination with physiotherapy.

It is important to spend the whole month correctly: exclude stress if possible, lead a calendar with tracking all symptoms by day, engage in easy sports, walk more and actively move, try to positively think in any situation, sex hormones and medicines only if necessary.

Doctors usually prescribe completely “reactive” Madame from heavy artillery:

  • hormone replacement therapy, if there are problems with the balance of hormones;
  • reverse capture inhibitors of serotonin to improve mood;
  • anxiolytics to reduce negative emotions and anxiety states;
  • plant drugs;
  • Diuretics for removing edema and withdrawal of excess fluid.

Supporters of alternative medicine offer another way to alleviate symptoms using primrose oil. It is equally important to take care of their well -being in advance: girls prone to the pronounced flow of PMS should adjust their diet in such a way as to exclude salty, acute, fatty, alcohol. Priority should be given to fresh vegetables and fruits, green tea and sour -milk products.

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