What to give for the New Year to your beloved? 8 best New Year’s gifts from a sex shop for her

What to give for the New Year to your beloved? 8 best New Year’s gifts from a sex shop for her.

What to give for the New Year to your beloved? 8 best New Year’s gifts from a sex shop for her

New Year on the nose, and in the mind only banal gifts? And so I want to surprise my beloved by seeing a contented smile on her face and having heard the words: «Beloved, you are the best, I dreamed about it, but did not dare to buy!». Presenting the rating of the best gifts from a sex shop for the New Year.

No. 1 – Madam set: film or whip and handcuffs

99% of women fantasize about sex or preludes with a whip, and certainly 100% dreamed of chasing or being chained into handcuffs. Her dream is realized! Even a shy girl will be happy to accept a gift, especially if you make it clear that it will be she who will command. Under the topic «New Year» You can successfully push your favorite to experiments. And what if these accessories will reveal in your beloved the same bitch that you have long dreamed of?!

You can choose a ready -made set for games or collect your own collection of leather or metal.

"He and she" Recommends: BDSM kits

No. 2 – Point stimulator G

This is not just a vibrator, this is the creator of female pleasure and orgasm. If your girlfriend still does not have such a toy – This is a great chance to show care and give a faithful assistant that you can use in pairs or it is alone. In addition, in one fell swoop you will solve several problems at once: you will accelerate the prelude and approach your beloved orgasm.

"He and she" Recommends: point g stimulants

No. 3 – Panties with a vibrator on remote control

Do not let your baby forget about sex and give up pleasure outside the bed. This toy can bring an interesting effect if you, for example, work together. The girl dresses vibrorsiki, and the guy owns a remote control. At the moment when you are approaching each other, you press the cherished button and the beloved pierces the waves of pleasure. Thus, as if the connection is built – At the sight of you, the partner feels excitement. Do not lose such a chance to fix this useful conditioned reflex.

"He and she" recommends: panties with vibration

What to give for the New Year to your beloved? 8 best New Year’s gifts from a sex shop for her

No. 4 – Universal stimulant

This new product must be its property. Just think: 15 modes and speeds, a waterproof body, bending in all directions – you can use this baby and it, and it, and absolutely for any part of the body. Chest, neck, buttocks, vagina, nipples and even ears – This vibrator will adapt to any erogenous zone.

"He and she" recommends: Universal designer stimulator Donut

No. 5 – Edible massage oil

Yes, yes, this is a reality – Now you do not need to run to the kitchen for cream, but you can combine erotic massage with caresses with tongue and lips. In addition, such oil stimulates and excites, and also, importantly for women, cares for velvet female skin. Under the New Year tree you can put an original set – Edible massage oil and a torn ticket for 10 massage sessions from you loved.

"He and she" recommends: massage oils and candles

No. 6 – Trilogy «50 shades …»

Book – The best gift, and the three most popular sex books – Just perfect. «50 shades of grey», «50 shades darker» And «50 shades of freedom» – A fairly decent New Year’s gift even for a modest (after all books), and at the same time the desired present with the hint of you need for you. After your beloved reads and admire these books, you can safely buy any little thing from a sex shop – She will appreciate and apply it with knowledge of the matter.

"He and she" recommends: erotic literature

No. 7 – Gift certificate of sex shop

The most serene gift – The beloved knows better what her soul wants. No fears that the gift will not like – A miniature beautiful card under the Christmas tree and the appearance of a new interesting sex accessory is provided.

"He and she" Recommends: Gift certificates

No. 8 – Beautiful linen or erotic kit

Well, which woman will give up exquisite linen, in which she feels confident and sexy?! Lucky – A universal gift, unless of course you know the size that can be spied on the label of a conventional bust after sex.

"He and she" recommends: erotic linen

It is not necessary to put an intimate gift for the New Year under a common Christmas tree, it is enough to leave a card with fiery congratulations and an indication of the place where the beloved will be able to find his surprise.

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