What types of sex are

What types of sex are.

Sex is a very multifaceted concept. For the entire time of its existence, humanity has come up with a lot of different types of this pleasant pastime. Today we will tell you what types of sex are.

What types of sex come from the usual

Some types of sex are familiar to us not by hearse. We know about them, we saw them, we tried them. Just did not always hear what they are correctly called. Let’s figure it out.


This is familiar to all penetrating sex with partners of the opposite sex. Biologically necessary for the reproduction of offspring.

Vaginal sex brings more satisfaction to men than women, so in the process they usually need additional stimulation of the clitoris to achieve an orgasm.


Yes, masturbation is also considered sex. Self -satisfaction with all available means or just hands – this is monosexual sex. If at the same time someone is watching you and you like it, they call it masturbation.


This type of sex implies bringing to orgasm using various devices. This refers to the use of things such as a vibrator and dildo – that is, toys adapted for interaction with the genitals.


Satisfaction of a partner with the help of lips and tongue is called oral sex. If only the language (without lips) participates in the process – then linguistic sex.

Due to the differences in the structure of the male and female genital organs, cunnilingus (satisfaction of a woman by clitoral stimulation using a tongue, lips and even teeth) and a blowjob (kisses, licking and sucking of a penis) are distinguished.

That is, lingual sex is a satisfaction of a partner through a language that affects the genitals.

If only the language is used during cunnilingus, then this is linguistic sex, if also lips, then no longer. If a woman licks man testicles, then this is linguistic sex, if she kisses and takes in her mouth, then no longer.


Anal sex means the penetration of the partner into the rectum through the anus. As a rule, the penetration of the partner’s penis is meant, but other organs can be used in the process (fingers or an entire hand, for example, with fisting).


This is sex without penetration. Orgasm achieve through the scenes about the body of the partner or some inanimate object. Frottage sex can be monosxual.


This is the caressing of the genital organs of the partner with the help of hands. Petering can go into penetrating or fettable sex and, in this case, is used as a prelude.

What types of sex come from non -traditional

Many types of sexual interaction are not suitable for the categories described above, so they are attributed to non -traditional sex. They do not belong to penetrating sex and, as a rule, affect certain fetish partners.

Intrafemoral sex

The penis is located between the partner’s hips below the labia. Frictions can affect the clitoris, but sex remains not penetrating.

That is, intrafefemoral sex is backward movements of a member between the hips of the partner just below the clitoris in the back or in front.

Mammological sex

The member is between the female mammary glands and performs characteristic movements. Mammological sex is possible if the partner has a rather magnificent bust.

Sometimes mammological sex is combined with a blowjob. It is also relevant to use handcuffs for sex so that the girl could not intervene in the process with her hands.

Gluteal sex

The penis makes frictions between the buttocks of the partner or partner. Like intrappemoral sex, gluteal does not imply penetration.

Interpedal sex

Favorite type of sex of all footjackers – the penis dispose between the feet of a partner or partner and perform characteristic frictions.

At the same time, the partner can increase the pressure, bringing the feet closer, or to caress the head with the fingers. Interpedal sex, like mammological, is often combined with a blowjob if the flexibility of the partner allows.

Intrabial sex

The same as intrafefemoral, only instead of hips use caviar.

Vertebral sex

The head of the penis is driven along the groove of the spine of the partner or partner.

Twisting sex

The member is placed in the elbow bend or poddle. The partner bends his hand or leg so that pressure is on the penis from all sides.

Trichophilic sex

The penis rubs on the hair of a partner or partner. Typically, trichophilic sex involves friction about hair on the head, but sometimes we are talking about hair on the rest of the body (armpits, legs, pubis).

By the number of partners


One warrior in the field, if it is armed with sex toys or in extreme cases with your fingers. Masturbation is also different, for example, women are popular with water masturbation, in the soul or bathroom.

Threesome sex

The third is not superfluous, as they say. There are several formats, depending on the number of women and men. For example WMW or MHM. Both options are quite popular.

Group sex

From four partners and above. As a rule, the receiving partner is one, the rest either proceed to sexual intercourse in turn, or at the same time.

For example, immediately orally and anal, or other options. With a woman in a passive role of methods of interaction, of course, more.


Swingers are couples that are not against experiments. Swing meeting is at least 4 people, during intercourse there are an exchange of partners.

Types of sex in lesbians

In a separate category, lesbian sex can be distinguished, which for objective reasons should have been modified.

Firstly, affection and masturbation prevail in it, which many girls like. Secondly, it is quite difficult to do without sex toys here.

For example, there is a pose of the back to the back, in which lesbians are often practiced, so nothing will work without a double phalloimitator.

Between two girls, such types of sex as masturbation, usually mutual, oral sex in the form of cunnilingus and petting, which a lot of time is devoted. He usually alternates with fingering. Lips, tongue, boys and palms, here are the main weapon of girls.

Instead of conclusion

As you can see, sex can be different. Cannot say unequivocally that it is the norm and what is the deviation. We adhere to Freud’s position – the only deviation in sex is its absence. And what difference does it make what two adults do, adequate people in their bedroom, if everything happens by agreement and does not interfere with others?!

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