What women’s clothing is considered the sexiest, the opinion of the guys

What women’s clothing is considered the sexiest, the opinion of the guys.

What women’s clothing is considered the sexiest, the opinion of the guys

“They meet on clothes, but escorted according to the mind” – it seems that folk wisdom seems to be correctly, but what kind of man will delve into ladies’ intelligence, if outwardly she does not attract him at all? Female beauty is the main indicator, the criterion of sexuality to evaluate representatives of the weaker sex, and therefore the guys of the girls are judged by appearance.

We will not be mistaken if we say that all young ladies on earth are delightful and sexy in their own way. Each carries hidden potential, mysterious charm and talent for seduction. To open in full glory, girls need a whole arsenal of beauty that will turn any of the Cinderella into a “princess” in a couple of seconds. Naturally, the main element in the change of image is clothing – the one with which you can become sexy and unique.

Today, choosing the best ladies’ outfits, we will rely on the opinion of the guys. After all, who, no matter how men, true admirers of female attractiveness, can objectively evaluate a particular image?

Skirts and blouses are the sexiest clothes for a girl

Whether this will surprise anyone or not, but in a kind of rating, representatives of the stronger sex gave the championship to the skirts. It is no secret that many consider “mini” the most sexy wardrobe item – besides her, slender long legs are also frankly able to demonstrate only a swimsuit.

But, according to the guys, the woman will look much more erotic in a skirt with a cut – he tends to the stormy fantasy of the womanizers who admire the beautiful legs alternately opened.

Not to be confused with models on the floor: men categorically speak out to them, believing that such clothes are not just adding sexuality, but on the contrary, ages ages.

What women’s clothing is considered the sexiest, the opinion of the guys

Included with a skirt harmoniously, according to the guys, blouses will look. And here men clarify: owners of magnificent forms should give preference to things with a deep neckline. Busters with a modest bust are perfectly fitting tight blouses. It’s easy to cause a real hurricane of male emotions: just unfasten a couple of upper buttons.

In matters of choosing a neckline, women should not forget about two simple rules:

  • The sexual neckline should not be vulgar, so you do not need to exhibit the entire chest for a show.
  • The neckline that will open the neckline should be well -groomed (purified, moderately moisturized, without age spots, wrinkles).

Men like their shirts sit … on women. Such clothing gives a woman inexplicable sexuality, femininity and fragility. Guys do not mind seeing a male shirt in their halves in home walls and beyond. However, for the weekend it is really difficult to choose something more suitable. The shirt perfectly hides defects of the figure and goes well with both sandals and sneakers, sneakers, uggs, boyfriends.

What female clothes men do not consider sexual

Skirts and dresses, perfectly sitting on a female body, undoubtedly, are of greater interest for male views. But tight -fitting jeans have no less magnetic properties. This women’s clothing is not only sexy, but also dangerous, as it makes men almost turn their neck in an attempt to evaluate a beauty passing by. Square jeans look quite spectacular, regardless of the height of the landing at the waist, but their guys are recommended only to slender girls.

What women’s clothing is considered the sexiest, the opinion of the guys

At the same time, other types of female trousers (clashes, classics, breeches, etc.D.) In principle, they do not attract the opposite gender. If you want to remain unnoticed in the male environment, put on classic pants with arrows: the absence of any compliments and sighing views after you is guaranteed.

Without a doubt, a real queen woman will look in an evening dress. But there are not so many cases in which it is advisable to wear such a pathos outfit, alas, there. As an everyday wardrobe element, ladies prefer to wear sundresses. And I must say that this suits men – they consider sundresses very sexy women’s clothing. The light dresses dispelled in the wind look to some extent naturally and exciting. Wear them with sandals on a flat move – the heels are weighted and spoil the attractive ladies’ image.

How to choose shoes and underwear that a man will like

Here we are smoothly and moved to the issue of shoes. Yes, and here men are ready to express their “I”. High-heeled shoes, whether it is winter boots, shoes or linen-labuts, welcomed by guys. But the main requirements are put forward just to the heel: it should be either thin and high, or absent at all. The average height of the heel automatically gives the woman a couple of uninhabited years, and bulky powerful constructions look unaesthetic and tasteless. The same can be said about shoes on the platform – if you are going to charm the guy, give up these models.

What women’s clothing is considered the sexiest, the opinion of the guys

And finally, pay attention to the details. The woman looks more erotic when the clothes on her are at least – here it is, the main law of female sexuality through the eyes of the guys. At the same time, facing a man in underwear, be sure: he will definitely appreciate him. True, here the opinion of sex representatives vary. Ladies prefer lace, ruffles and pink “paradise”, while men go crazy with red, black and white, with a minimum of jewelry and additions. Oh yes, do not forget about stockings and garters – they will certainly drive any gentleman crazy!

Sexual accessory can be called glasses. It is difficult to say why men consider this subject erotic, but still the guys are sure: a beautiful stylish frame only adds to the girl charm.
So, the theoretical basis has been received, and then big changes await you. Bring your wardrobe in line with male wishes, and never doubt your own attractiveness and sexuality again!

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