Where you can have sex at home and for extreme

Unusual places where you can have sex.

Diversify sexual relations helps the change. Fastening in new positions, it will manage to improve the intimate, to overwhelm the passion to the limit. Where you can have sex, we will tell you more.

Interesting places for sex at home

Immediately after meeting, rare couples experiment, preferring traditional methods for coitus. But after many people wonder where you can still make it up, having received maximum pleasure from the process. We offer top options that can expand the possibilities of sexual relations.

On the floor

Where you can have sex at home and for extreme

Extremely stiff surface is inconvenient for love games. It’s good to make so love if a soft carpet is covered. In extreme cases, you can use blankets with pillows. Then you get extravagant contact, which will be remembered for a long time.

On the windowsill or on the balcony

In the summer it is nice to have sex near the open window, if you also stick out into it. The advantages of sexual games on the balcony: you can feel that everyone sees you, but, in fact, no one will understand what is happening. Good sensations will remain if at the time of frictions to surpass passers -by. But do not forget about the appropriateness of such leisure: for example, in Dubai naked beauties on the terrace of the skyscraper was detained by the police.

In the bathroom

This is a classic of the genre: a bath filled with high foam water, two naked bodies, delicate caresses. It is also nice to have sex under the jets of water. You can use such water procedures instead of love prelude.

In the toilet

Where you can have sex at home and for extreme

Although this premises are considered to be a place of solitude, after all, nothing prevents you from being there and together. While in your house, you will not have to worry about anything.

In the kitchen

In search of places where it is more convenient to sleep with a girl, pay attention to this unconventional option. You always have a lot of interesting auxiliary material there at hand, which can be coated with a naked body, and then lick goodies from it.

On a chair or in an armchair

A good idea – sitting, it is conveniently possible to invisibly translate a spiritual conversation in a different direction, from which both will receive pleasure. There is nothing supernatural, but how much tenderness. Sometimes it’s better to fuck so much than taking risks, starting bold experiments.

At the wall or in the doorway

Where you can have sex at home and for extreme

Sex in such a place is especially of high quality when a partner is able to rest on a wall opposite. The girl touches the hands of the jamb, and the man works with all his might, caressing her breasts from the back.

Where to have extreme sex with a girl?

The present time gives the opportunity for a mass of interesting ideas that allow you to realize previously pipe erotic fantasies into reality.

In a bathhouse or sauna

When you can visit the mixed department, where there are heterosexual visitors, it will be easier to seize the moment to have sex. It is more convenient to do this, locked inside a separate booth. The maximum pleasure will ensure complete relaxation with unwillingness to return to the common hall.


Where you can have sex at home and for extreme

It’s easier to make love in a dense forest – you can undress entirely, enjoy unity with the outside world. But you should not experiment in the park: there are a lot of outsiders. But, being somewhere outside the city, you will not have to worry about such meetings.

In a swimming pool

When fucking in the water, all kinds of sexual poses manage to experience, which are not available with traditional somersault. But here you will have to constantly remember that you are in sight. If there are no strangers, still think about how clean the water is and whether such an event threatens you with infection of the reproductive system.

In the sea

A pleasant option for relaxation: in sight of all vacationers stand in salt water, feeling sexual penetration. But certain caution is needed, because the height of passions is fraught with the loss of a swimsuit, without which it will be problematic to go to people.

On the beach

Almost half of vacationers on the sea coast does not think where to fuck, since love in the sand during vacation is a romantic event. Although to prevent excesses, it is better to organize a sexual orgy at night, certainly lining the bedspread so as not to grate the body.

In airplane

Here are very disposable conditions. The stewardess is rarely suitable, hardly anyone will pay attention that you are moving bodies, since most passengers are sleeping. It is only inconvenient to organize a full fucker, since the seats allow only petting to do. Will have to lock yourself in the toilet for a mutual orgasm.

In the fitting room

Where you can have sex at home and for extreme

To quickly fuck, we recommend going to any boutique in which there is a fitting room. There you can indulge in love with sufficient comfort in the Doggi-Stail pose. On periodically looking at visitors, you should not pay any attention – they are unlikely to believe their eyes.

In your car or in a taxi

When you decide to indulge in debauchery in a car, take into account that such an event has not only positive, but also negative points. Therefore, before the start of adventurous actions, think through everything so as not to be taken by surprise. But this scares few: if everyday sex bored, turning into a familiar ritual, the risk of being caught in the most piquant environment is just able to excite you, add adrenaline to the bloodstream. But it is for this that everything is started.

Significantly exacerbates the presence of an outsider who controls the machine when you fuck. It doesn’t matter if the partition separates you from it or not. It is much more interesting to somersault, knowing that the smallest details of the process are clearly visible in the rear view mirror. Just try to pretend with your partner, as if you are not doing anything unusual.

In the entrance

There are few such people who did not have to have sex in an unlit ceremonial residential building in his youth. Everyone wants to repeat such an experience as to plunge again in their young years. You can organize fuck at any time of the year, you feel like teenagers who have no place for an intimate date. It excites, gives a lot of pleasant sensations.

In the elevator

Where you can have sex at home and for extreme

When you do not belong to the category of “rabbits”, try in any way to “lock” the booth. Then you can already make full love for a long period. No one is stopping even shouting loudly, because people will perceive loud sounds as a request to help you.

On the train

This is the most sexy mode of transport. It is most convenient to redeem the entire compartment, then it will be possible to have sex until insanity, since the unusual environment and vibration of the wheels will significantly strengthen mutual excitement, bringing the novelty of impressions to the relationship. Even after many years of marriage, when feelings have somewhat dulled, it is difficult to find a more comfortable place. But, as eyewitnesses testify, the presence of a separate compartment is a desirable, although not a prerequisite at all. Some couples only hide behind a sheet and fuck almost in front of the eyes of fellow travelers. If you wish, you can go out into the vestibule, close in the toilet.

Whatever each of you prefer a place where you can have sex efficiently, the main rule is security. Take care of yourself and your partner for sex
– Everything will be excellent.

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