Which sex toy to buy a beloved girl? | How to choose

Which sex toy to buy a beloved girl?.

Which sex toy to buy a beloved girl? | How to choose
You have a desire to find the best sex toy for your beloved? Such that she will give her incredible pleasure again and again, but at the same time I liked it? Independently, because you will just watch or play together. We have prepared a selection of several accessories to make it easier for you to choose.

How to understand what stimulation she likes more?

The choice of the best sex toy for a partner will actually depend on the type of stimulation, which she likes more. That she drives her crazy? This is the caresses of the clitoris? Or exposure to point g? Or maybe immediately double stimulation?

What feelings she wants to feel: the vacuum “sucking” of the clitoris as from oral caresses, the awakening of new sensitive points with the help of deep vibrations or imitation of a real process using friction toys? What should be the impact – strong, assertive, or barely distinguishable?

How to find out what kind of stimulation the girl likes? The easiest way – ask. Choose the right moment and talk to your beloved that brings it more than her? Listen to answers carefully-this will help when choosing a sex toy. Communication is a mutual process, share your favorite ways to stimulate erogenous zones, so your relationship will only be better.

Advice. If it is difficult to start a direct conversation, you can do this in the form of an erotic game. Options can be found on the Internet or purchased already ready in a sex shop.

Another variant – observation during mutual masturbation behind the actions of a partner. See which areas more attention was paid to what kind of caressed orgasm was tested.

If in your relationship there is still so much trust for frank conversations or actions, in our selection you will certainly find a sex toy, which will be interesting to almost every girl.

Cliter stimulants

Sex toys for the clitoris are in great demand among customers. In stores you can find a variety of forms and types of these items, so it is difficult to immediately decide – what to opt for. For example, Vacuum-wave stimulants have become very popular in the past few years. These devices are suitable and like almost all women, and then they easily refuse vibrating stimulation.

Woma ilana clitoris vacuum

What else needs to be given to girls, except for flowers? Of course, orgasms! And a sex toy in the form of a flower of the Woma Ilana rose flower will be excellent with this. Thanks to vacuum-wave stimulation, your second half will quickly and easily experience amazing pleasure. There are 10 diverse exposure modes for this, but for a bright and powerful climax there is enough two.

Womanizer Starlet 2 clitoral stimulator

After a working day saturated with business and worries, I really want to relax and forget about everything. This will help Starlet 2 stimulator – a woman not only get physical discharge, but also positive emotions.

Pleasure Air – This is a modern technology that gently and pointarily acting on the clitoris with pulsating air waves, without touching it close. This does not reduce the sensitivity of the clitoris, allowing you to enjoy bright and colorful orgasms every day.

Satiffyer Penguin Air Pulse Stimulator Clitoris

The elegant unusual appearance of this stimulant is immediately attracted to attention. A unique combination of vacuum stimulation and air pulsation allows a woman in a few minutes to experience powerful multiple orgasms that will flow smoothly from one to another, without causing a sense of saturation.

Among the 11 stimulation options, there will certainly be the one that is best suited to your beloved. And you can also turn on different modes, for example, the first and third or sixth and eighth. So the pleasure of exposure will be more interesting and unusual. The toy is not afraid of water games, so you can safely take it with you to the bathroom to survive new sensations.

Wa-Vibe Melt vacuum-wave clitoris stimulator

This is an elegant and compact device, rather quiet, and completely waterproof. The unique air pulsation technology used in the stimulant intensively but softly affects the female clitoris. This does not lead to a decrease in its sensitivity and therefore each next stimulation brings the same bright and strong orgasms.

Melt has a We-Connect application where you can create your own “waves” of pleasure, as well as share control. This means that you can manage the toy and orgasm of the partner without being near.

Stimulation of the point G

They talk so much about her and still cannot find, but the impact on this point can become an exciting and sensual adventure! The following devices will help to find and wake this treasured area inside your beloved body.

Vibrator Fun Factory Tiger

In this “tiger” device, a powerful and wild pleasure is hidden, which is to be tamed. An excellent combination of parameters, flexibility, elegance and power distinguishes this vibrator among others. His qualities are really impressive. The ribbed surface of delicate velvety silicone intensively stimulates the walls of the vagina, and a slightly curved embossed head is created for accurate exposure to G-region. To do this, there are 12 operating modes (6 types of vibration plus 6 speed options) created by a powerful but quiet motor. At the same time, it is located inside the case so that the fluctuations are distributed along the entire length.

At the base of the case is a small process that additionally stimulates the clitoris. Tiger vibrator is not afraid of water, so you can safely play with it in the bathroom. And also a pleasant bonus will be the “road castle” to take the device on travel and not worry about random inclusion.

Lovence OSCI 2 G Spot Toy vibro -stimulator

OSCI 2 is a unique oscillating vibrator, which is ideal for stimulating the GO, but not with ordinary vibrations, but fluctuations in the thin membrane located on the head of the device, inside and vice versa.

The toy includes 10 stimulation modes and 3 speed options. And you can control them both using the button on the case, and through the application on the smartphone. And this opens up just the boundless possibilities of enjoyment. For example, you can turn on your favorite song and the vibrator will repeat its rhythm, and the woman will have fun. And a man can manage a toy, even at a great distance.

ROMP HYPE G-Spot vibrator to stimulate the G

Hype is a reference sex toy to stimulate point g. The slightly curved shape and relief surface of the cupid of velvety silicone provide an effective effect on sensitive areas. The vibrator is perfect for both solo games and steam. The device has a powerful but quiet motor, so nothing will distract from enjoyment.

The vibro-massager has 10 levels of vibration-six permanent modes (from delicate to super-horsepower) and four different options for patterns to bring to a bright ending. The modes switch using slightly protruding buttons located at the base. Complete water resistance allows the use of a toy in water, which adds diversity to intimate life.

Squirt vibrator with Hot Planet Pluto remote control

This unusual mini-vibrator will be a great gift for lovers of prelude. This nozzle can be used both for masturbation and erotic games in pairs to caress any erogenous areas of the body, for example, nipples, clitoris or scrotum. I want more interesting sensations? You can play with Pluto in water.

But the most important goal is to bring a woman to a powerful climax by stimulating the secret G. The device has a relief head and 9 vibration modes – 3 monotonous, and 6 have different vibration options. You can manage in two ways: button on the nozzle itself, or using the remote control.

Stimulation 2 in 1 and even 3 in 1

Sex toys with double exposure function is also an excellent gift option for a beloved woman. The device can simultaneously stimulate several erogenous points at once, so the partner experiences a mixed orgasm, and the pleasure will be much brighter and stronger.

Vacuum-wave vibrator 3 in 1 with the tongue of Hot Planet Calypso

Give your favorite girl bright, intense and magnificent orgasms with Calypso. The vibrator has a flexible anatomical form created for the simultaneous stimulation of the G and clitoris zone. The main feature is the pulsating area at the end of the part that is inserted inside. Additional clitoris stimulation is carried out by a miniature silicone tongue located on the membrane inside the vacuum stimulant.

The stimulant has 20 modes of operation: on a vaginal process of 10 types for vibration and 5 – for pulsation, and 5 options for vacuum stimulation. Each type of effect can be controlled both separately and jointly. To decide how to pamper herself today, a woman can both alone, and with you.

Double vibrator for G Woma Indira point with clitoral stimulant and heating

The uniqueness of this vibrator consists in two features: the effect on the point G is carried out with pulsation and the “calling” movements of the head of the vaginal process, and the wide and mobile process is adjusted to the anatomy of any woman. Indira has 20 vibration modes, 10 for each type of stimulation, and they can work in turn or at the same time. And he also has a heating function so that the pleasure becomes truly hot!

Magic Motion Eidolon vaginal-clitter stimulator

This model is perfect for both masturbation and wearing. One part is comfortable and reliably located inside the vagina. And the second in the form of a convex tubercle with small ears tenderly affects the clitoris area. In addition, Magic Motion Eidolon can be used to train vaginal muscles.

Has two independent motor, which can work simultaneously separately. The toy has 7 pre -installed stimulation modes, but if you connect the toy to the smartphone or tablet, then it becomes possible to create your own vibration options, as well as manage it with the help of voice or music.

Vibrator with a floating ball Svakom Trysta

In appearance, this is an ordinary and high-quality vibrator-red, however, the main feature of Trysta is a small pea located under the thin silicone shell of the barrel head. She moves forward and backwards with a separate motor, creating the effect of a delicate massage of the point g. By the way, this part can also caress the clitoris, simulating oral affection.

Powerful high -quality motors are able to bring a woman to orgasm in just a few minutes. And 7 different modes and 5 intensity levels will allow you to find a new height of pleasure each time.

Sex toy for steam

You can open new sensations and add diversity to the usual sexual intercourse with paired toys. Such stimulants can be used for both prelude and penetrating sex.

Multifunctional stimulator for steam Satiffyer Partner Multifun 1 Endless Love

This is an interesting vibrator, it will please both women and men, pairs will surely appreciate it. Elegant, elastic, but rather flexible Multifun 1 is adjusted to the anatomical structure of any body and remains in place, even on the most powerful vibration. 3 engines are built into the stimulant – at the base and in each branch. Motors can work in turn, or both at once, including a variety of vibrations, creating this up to 100 options for pleasure programs.

There are 10 vibration modes. The first three are simple vibration, but at different speeds, the rest are a variety of rhythmic drawings. And similarly for each “twigs”. And there are also 14 ways to use, both in solo-game and together with a partner, to feel many different and unforgettable bright sensations from stimulating your erogenous zones.

Wiber Massager for We-Vibe Special Edition

This is the latest vibrator, created specifically for steam and designed for use during proximity. Thanks to the anatomical form and special flexibility, it is suitable for most women and does not need to hold hands. The vibration massager has 7 vibration options that give the most pleasant and vivid sensations.

One part is introduced vaginally, and stimulates the zone G and the penis of the partner, the second remains outside and affects the clitoris and labia. Miniature sizes do not interfere with the penetration of the partner. Therefore, the toy gives unforgettable sensations at once, and does not allow to be distracted from each other.

Satiffyer Double Love stimulator with a remote control

First of all, the toy is positioned as a pair stimulator, but it can be used for masturbation, it is very well suitable for prelude. The vibrator is very flexible and adapts to the individual characteristics of the female body. Thanks to the U-shaped form, one part of it is inserted inside to stimulate the vagina, the point G and the male member with penetration, and the second is applied to the clitoris area. Each tip from the inside has a relief structure for brighter sensations.

In the vibrator 2 of super -powerful motor – one at each end, they are controlled both by buttons on the toy housing (10 vibration programs), and through the special Satisfyer Connect application. And in it you can create your own unique drawing options.

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